Welcome to Red Floor Arcade

Now you can relive the golden age of arcade games with our custom built multi arcade cabinets.

At home you will find this to be a great place to spend time with your kids trying to beat each other’s high scores. In the office this a great break to clear your mind between meetings or a way to inject some fun into an otherwise high stressful environment.

Our custom built machines are easy to use and require no maintenance or updates. Simply turn it on, choose your favorite game and start playing, it’s that easy! These cabinets are built to last and require no maintenance which makes them perfect for a home or business.

We offer three models that include 60, 412 or 750 and even 1162 original arcade games, all in only in one custom built, classic arcade cabinet. These games look and sound just like the original games from the 70s 80s and 90s. Please read on to learn more....